Ad Astra Recovery Services

Important Update

In light of the many challenges faced by consumers regarding the standardized practice of maintaining tradelines for seven years, particularly on paid items, Ad Astra Recovery Services, Inc. has performed an internal analysis of its current procedures as it pertains to credit reporting. The outcome of this analysis has identified a burdensome and problematic system for consumers seeking a second chance after putting forth an effort to improve their financial well-being.

It is not a part of our organization’s mission to remain an impediment for an individual choosing to take responsibility in the pursuit of financial literacy and independence. Because of this, Ad Astra Recovery Services, Inc. has made the determination that it is necessary to bring an updated and equitable policy for reporting negative tradelines into practice; a policy that will remain in-line with our company’s consumer-centric mode of operations. To aid consumers in realizing success in their attempt to progress from financial set-backs, Ad Astra Recovery Services, Inc. intends to request the removal of reported tradelines associated with an account that has been paid in full or settled, and where more than two years have passed since the account’s date of delinquency. We may have other obligations under the law to delete a tradeline.

This is a change that will be fully in effect as of February 1, 2018, and is one that we hope will help in improving the financial future of countless Americans.

Any further questions or comments regarding this policy can be directed to management at 844-363-4464.